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"Now,...All of your checks are Good!"


An Overview of Our Services:

ACH PROCESSING-Accelerate receivables! Process batches of consumer check payments via the Automated Clearing House. Supports recurring billing. Clear funds quickly!

REAL TIME CHECK VERIFICATION-Query information from hundreds of thousands of businesses and financial institutions and customer bank checking accounts in real time for approval or decline. Know for sure!

ELECTRONIC CHECK CONVERSION-Electronic processing of your customer checks. Eliminate paper checks at the register. Scan & Clear checks like credit cards!

REMOTE DEPOSIT-Deposit checks from the comfort of your store, home or office. Focus on your business. No more trips to the bank!

RECURRING BILLING- Collect customer installment payments over time, whether weekly, monthly or quarterly. Let your customers determine a schedule for automatic bill payment.

MAIL ORDER/CHECKS BY PHONE-Use our Virtual terminal to accept business and personal checks over the phone for donations, payments or collections! Convert checks into electronic items instantly, while on the phone with the customer and before merchandise is shipped.

ONLINE CHECKS- Accept check payments on the Web. Offer your Internet customers who don't have a credit card another payment option!

CHECK 21-Is your business considered High Risk? i.e. casinos/gaming, adult, outbound telemarketing, pharmacy, multi-level marketing? We have developed a custom program for you using new technology that gives you the ability to use the image of the check to settle the item at a lower cost than high risk credit card processing charges.

CHECK DRAFT PRINTING- Upload your batch files for custom Bank draft creation, printing, delivery & deposit to your Financial Institution.

CLOUD-BASED BILLING & MANAGEMENT- Billing & Invoicing Made Easy! Use your own custom branded online payment portal to bill & receive payments.  Pay-to-click email invoicing with integration with your accounting system.

Upgrade your processing platform to include ClearedCheck Systems

All ClearedCheck services and solutions feature remote administration. Our clients can access a suite of administration and reporting tools remotely via a web browser. All customer information is safeguarded with industry-proven encryption standards and the most sophisticated fraud protection service.

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