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"Now,...All of your checks are Good!"


Deposit any Check... Into any Bank Account... From any Location... At any Time!

* Benefits of Remote Deposit Capture 

* Faster access to money. Checks deposited before the 7:30pm ET cut-off time are credited to the respective deposit accounts by RDM the next business day without holds on the funds. This provides businesses with 100% access to the previous day’s deposits. Faster settlement means increased cash flow and quicker availability of working capital for businesses.

* Full online reporting. The entire clearing and settlement process for each transaction is available online. Management reports are delivered in a variety of formats, such as CSV, XML PDF etc.

* Strategic resubmission of returns. Eliminates the need for manual handling of returns increasing productivity and cash flow.

* Accounts Receivable Integration. 

* Saves time and money. Using RDC means fewer trips to the bank saving transportation costs and eliminating courier and/or mail fees. Since checks are archived online, there is no need to photocopy checks before taking them to the bank saving money on copying and storage.

* Increase productivity. Much of the error-prone manual labor of check preparation is eliminated with RDC, freeing up employees to concentrate on other projects.

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