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CHECK 22 Telephone & Online Payment Processing

Check22 is the simple new way for Call Centers and Online Merchants to process payments for goods and services, in Real-Time, 24x7x365, whether in person, online, or by phone. Avoid the hassle and risk associated with credit card processing! Our Merchants can receive payments within five minutes, from any customer who has a valid checking account at any bank in the U.S. Here’s a very quick overview:

• Apply & Activate your Merchant Processing Account in just 15 minutes!

• Your merchants will receive their payments within 5 minutes!

• Save on processing fees.

• Merchants Get Paid for the full amount billed.

• Process payments one at the time or in a “Batch Process”

• Reduce the Chargeback period from 6 months to 40 days.

• NO reserves required!

Merchant Account Costs & Merchant Processing Charges

1. Payment Gateway Activation Fee: $1.00

2. Payment Gateway Monthly Fee: $19.95

3. Merchant Processing Discount: (DEPENDS ON UNDERWRITING RISK)

4. Merchant – Per Transaction Fee: $0.90

5. Reserve Requirements: $0.00     *NO Reserves Required


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