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Welcome to ClearedCheck Systems, the industry's check processing specialists!

ClearedCheck™ provides our clients with a straight-through, fully integrated, secure check payment processing platform. Make sure all of your checks "check out" by upgrading to ClearedCheck™ for all of your company's check verification & processing needs.

In this new global economy, customers want payment options. Millions of customers are without a credit card and others simply prefer to pay by check. ClearedCheck™ is prepared to work closely with your company to strategize a check payment acceptance program that can be easily implemented. With a new liberal check policy in place, you will experience increased sales and happy customers.

ClearedCheck™ is the check verification, processing & settlement service that gives companies & retail merchants around the country increased profits and peace of mind.

Detect-a-Check™ and NationalVerify™, our proprietary "real-time" check verification, risk assessment & check clearing technology, can provide custom solutions for your business, so you too can accept checks with confidence!

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